Saturday, June 16, 2012

44th Rant: Mitt Romney IS our choice NOW

Toni Walsh, a good friend of mine from The Patriot Zone on Facebook, really put things into perspective with this post.

Mitt Romney was not my 1st choice as the nominee. As a matter of fact, he wasn't even my 2nd, 3rd, or 4th choice. The person I really wanted was Buddy Roemer. I realized Buddy wouldn't make it, so Herman Cain was my next choice. I was constantly reading posts by a certain group that were trying to warn us how evil he was....he was a danger to our country. After Cain was taken down, that same group tried warning us how evil & dangerous Newt is. After Newt was out of it, we were warned just how evil & dangerous Santorum is. Now we're being warned just how evil & dangerous Romney is.
What the heck were all these warning supposed to accomplish? I'm thinking it didn't accomplish what they were hoping the ultimate goal would be
The focus has been taken off Obama's failures & the destruction he is doing to our country. Instead the focus switched to actually dividing the GOP.
Is Romney perfect? Nah!
Do I agree with him on everything? Nah!
Do I suddenly have amnesia & forget what I didn't like about him? Nah!
Do I think he can possibly turn this economy around? Yep!
Do I think he'll be a better president then the current occupant? Yep!
Do I believe he loves America & is not out to destroy her? HELL YEAH!!

I am now a Romney supporter!! Yep.....I said it!! I AM A ROMNEY SUPPORTER!
And I will fight like hell to get him elected when he becomes the official nominee after the convention! I hope others will join me in the fight to get him elected & get Obama OUT!

Ladies and gentlemen, these words are SO very true. If we want Obama out of the White House in November, we HAVE to support Mitt Romney RIGHT NOW, June 16, 2012, at 8 AM Eastern. I said this before, and I will say it again, if you vote for a third party, not vote for President at all, or even write in a vote, then you are voting for Obama and encouraging him to stay in office. TRUE PATRIOTS support the only nominee capable of beating Obama. Granted, there are 10 - 15 candidates on the ballot for President, but the only ones who REALLY matter are the Republican nominee and the Democrat nominee because they are the only ones who get the electoral votes. Not once (at least that I know of) has a third party gotten a single electoral vote in the past 100 years or so. If you want a VIABLE third party, then see about making one after this election in November, because all this talk of a third party seeks to more or less divide the votes needed to get Obama out of office. There is no talk of a brokered convention either because of the fact that Romney has over 1400 delegates. As my good friend Titan92 from Own The Narrative says, "Romney's nomination is baked in the cake."

This election is all about saving the republic or letting it die, and the vote and choice is yours. As for me, my vote is for Romney because I love America and want to save her from Obama and his socialistic ways.

The Rundown for June 16, 2012

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