Saturday, March 16, 2013

Breitbart Rule 2: Expose the left for who they are - in their own words

Continuing with Andrew Breitbart’s Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Revolutionaries, here is his explanation for Rule #2:

2.) Expose the left for who they are - in their own words: It's easy to label the left, to analyze them, to take them apart using your rationality - their program fails every time it's tried, and their lexicon, once you know it, is as predictable as the sun rising in the east. What's much harder than understanding the left is exposing it.

That's where citizen journalists come in. Drudge was a citizen journalist, and he took on a president. Today, we all have the power to be citizen journalists via the internet - there's no Complex gatekeeper to stop us from posting the truth about enemies of freedom and liberty in this country. In the past few years alone, citizen journalists have deposed Dan Rather for his scurrilous and baseless attacks on George W. Bush; exposed John Kerry's true war record during the 2004 election cycle; debunked Reuters' photography fraud in the Middle East; raised the question whether Barack Obama's autobiography, Dreams from My Father, was ghostwritten by domestic terrorist Bill Ayers; gotten rid of communist Van Jones; and the list goes on. The Internet has become the shining beacon of journalistic freedom, tearing apart congressional bills piece by piece for the benefit of the public, even when our own legislators won't read them.

The key to the success of the New Media, though, is making news by breaking news. And that means that conservatives need to use their new best technological friends: the MP3 recorder, the phone camera, and the blogosphere. It's one thing to say that the left likes socialism, but it's a real story to get Barack Obama to admit it on camera, as he did to Joe the Plumber during the 2008 election cycle. Video journalism is the most potent kind of journalism. We live in an age of sound and light, not text, and we have to adapt to that age.

You are the soldiers in this war against the Institutional Left. You have been issued your weapons. Go out and use them. Make it impossible for the Complex to ignore you.

I find it a little bit ironic but mayhap led by Andrew himself that this rule is being written during CPAC 2013 for the simple reason that the speakers and panelists are empowering us with the skills and tactics to go up against the Left. The war is the Mainstream Media (who employ Alinsky tactics) v. the Citizen Journalist (who employ Breitbart tactics) first and foremost. And judging by the speakers Thursday, yesterday and today I personally have never felt more empowered to take on the Mainstream Media and hold them accountable for putting the politicians’ feet to the fire.

Even though I was not able to attend CPAC in person, I had followed the proceedings on Twitter (with the hashtag #CPAC2013) and also in a chatroom from Right Scoop’s Live Feed of CPAC 2013, and I dare say that all of the speeches were wonderful. The speakers I had heard definitely fired me up and inspired me to continue this fight through my blogs and this radio show as well as my New Media venture.

I will go more into the speakers later in the show, but all I have to say is after listening to the speakers over the past three days, the liberals had better be very afraid. We will never EVER forget what happened on November 6. In fact, that only served to embolden many of us to do all we can to call out the liberals and any on our own side who support Obama’s policies. I know I am emboldened to do my part. Who will stand with me in that bunker defending those who spoke and in a sense are on that wall defending our freedom?

Rundown for March 16, 2013

Join Rick Bulow and special co-host Liz Harrison (host of the Right War  at 11 PM Eastern on Wednesdays on From The Right Radio and also the purveyor of the Goldwater Gal website) as they give the week in news. Over the past three days #CPAC2013 was in Washington DC and there were a lot of good speakers and panels in the main ballroom which was streamed online. Who spoke? What was said? They will be discussing that on Red, Right, and Blue at a SPECIAL time tonight.

With CPAC going on until 6 PM Eastern tonight, there are going to be a lot of good speakers and panels. As such I will not be able to have the show at the usual 1:30 PM Eastern, so with that in mind Red, Right, and Blue will be at 8 PM Eastern, 7 PM Central. I will still be in the chatroom at 30 minutes or so before the show starts to do a little last-minute show prep and also to greet many who come in early and get settled. If you want to join in the conversation on the air, there are three ways to do so.

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Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Hell, tell a liberal. With CPAC in the rearview mirror after 6 PM Eastern today, you do not want to miss a single minute of tonight’s show as three days of CPAC will be condensed into two hours.