Schmuck of the week

A new feature for "Red, Right, and Blue" is a little something that I like to call "Schmuck of the Week." The idea came from "The Chat Room" which was a local talk show in my area of Fort Myers, Florida. Here is how Schmuck of the week will work in this online talk show format:
  1. This is CALLER-DRIVEN, meaning that if you want to call in and nominate a person for Schmuck of the Week you HAVE to call in and give the name of one person.
  2. The first three people who call in and give their nominees for Schmuck of the week will then be the contestants for the voting.
  3. Groups are also eligible for nomination.
  4. The person or group up for Schmuck of the week can be a celebrity or even a common person on Twitter or in your Facebook feed.
  5. The voting will be both in the chatroom and also over Skype during the show
  6. Voting will end about 15 minutes before the show ends.
  7. The winner of the "Schmuck of the Week" will be the one person whose nominee has the most votes and as a prize, that person will send out a post on Facebook and Twitter which everyone in the chatroom will like (on Facebook) and retweet (on Twitter)
Now with the basics out of the way, there are a few restrictions:
  1. You cannot nominate the same person every week (This stems from what happened in "The Chat Room" when Barack Obama was nominated every week. While he is definitely Schmuck Worthy every week, there are others who are also worthy of the title)
  2. When you nominate one for Schmuck of the Week, you HAVE to give a legitimate reason as to why that person should be up for nomination.
  3.  Also, when one is nominated for Schmuck of the Week, it HAS to be for something said nominee did or said THAT WEEK. In other words, you cannot nominate someone for Schmuck of the Week for something they did a month or two ago.
Now, with that said, have fun and get to thinking about who you want to nominate as Schmuck of the Week!


September 22, 2012 - Barack Obama
September 29, 2012 - The United Nations
October 6, 2012 - No Schmuck
October 13, 2012 - No Schmuck
October 20, 2012 - Candy Crowley
October 27, 2012 - Every Troll that infiltrated my chatroom and phone lines
December 1, 2012 - The Mainstream Media
December 8, 2012 - Speaker of the House John Boehner
December 15, 2012 - No Schmuck
December 22, 2012 - No Schmuck
December 29, 2012 - No Schmuck

January 5, 2013 - No Schmuck
January 12, 2013 - Piers Morgan (Unanimous)
January 19, 2013 - No Schmuck
January 26, 2013 - No Schmuck
February 2, 2013 - No Schmuck
February 9. 2013 - Chris Rock
February 16, 2013 -