Saturday, January 26, 2013

Obama’s Second Inauguration and America’s Future

Well, the unthinkable which we had failed to prevent on November 6, 2012, had officially happened this past Sunday. We have 4 more years of Barack Obama. I say officially on Sunday because according to the Constitution January 20 is the official day when the President and Vice President begin their term, with the public inauguration occurring on Monday, January 21.  We already know what plans Obama has for the second term, and that which I had long feared might just occur in his second term, that in turning the Republic which the Founding Fathers had fought and died to create into an Empire like that of Soviet Russia a century ago or (even worse) like that which we had seen come about in Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith. Granted, the latter is just a movie, but it is still powerful nevertheless.

If you had not seen that movie, there is a very interesting clip which has been removed on YouTube where Chancellor Palpatine was speaking to the Senate and spoke of the Jedi attack on him, thus leaving him scarred and deformed. However, he said his resolve had never been stronger and that ” in order to ensure our security and continuing stability, the Republic will be reorganized into the First Galactic Empire...for a safe and secure society!” The reply from Senator Padme Amidala is rather alarming, and possibly serves as a warning for us today: “So this is how liberty dies...with thunderous applause.”  Is there any way to prevent this from happening in our world today?

Image of AJ ReissigFortunately, there might be a way. AJ Reissig has written a book entitled Escape to Freedom: Book One in the FreedomRedux Series. AJ lives in New Richmond, Ohio with his lovely wife Christina and children. Born in 1973, he grew up in the small river town of Moscow, Ohio. He is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a background in chemistry. After spending several years as an analyst in manufacturing, he began to pursue writing as a part-time freelancer. His hobbies include gardening, woodworking, home improvement, and anything outdoors.
AJ has long followed politics. Over the years, AJ has become increasingly disturbed by the trend toward big government in the United States. His novel series, FreedomRedux, revolves around a United States of the future that is governed by a totalitarian regime that is bent on world domination, and those who wish to restore the United States to the nation that the founding fathers intended. In 2011, he started the political blog FreedomRedux to express his libertarian political beliefs. In 2012, he founded Freedom Notes Press, LLC to publish political novels.

Rundown for January 26, 2013

Join Rick Bulow and Billie Cotter (Host of “Ballistic” Every Thursday at 10 PM Eastern on Own The Narrative) as they bring you the week in news. Today they will interview AJ Reissig, author of the book Escape to Freedom: Book One in the FreedomRedux Series. With all that has been going on in the United States and also in the world today, will we see a World Leader trying to rule a nation under the One World concept? Is there any way to bring the United States back to its founding principles? With Obama’s second inauguration, are we going to see socialism play a prominent role in America? Tune in today as those questions and more will be probed. They will also include your phone calls and also give 2 books during the show.

Come join us for the fun and frivolity that is Red, Right, and Blue today at 1:30 PM Eastern, 12:30 PM Central. I will be in the chatroom at 30 minutes early for some last minute show prep and also a little preshow banter. If you want to ask AJ a question, there are three ways to do it:

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

An Open Letter to the Haters

I have picked up a lot of haters in my 38 years of being vertical and walking the earth. However, over the past three years that I had decided to actively blog about politics (as opposed to passively blog now and then) they had come out of the woodwork. Many would think that because I am a Conservative that it would come from the Liberals, but that is not the case. Roughly 95% of the haters had come from those who call themselves Conservative. The following goes out to them on behalf of myself and a few close friends:

Dear haters and other douchenozzles,

It is because of you and your egotistical bullshit that we are 24 – 48 hours from the coronation of Barack Obama. While I understand we each had different candidates through the Primaries, when Romney had the nomination all locked up in April we should have put our differences aside and supported him as the candidate to go up against Obama in November. However, that was not the case as had been mentioned on my rant blog as well as this very show on several occasions. Thanks to you, the Left had controlled the narrative and that led to Obama winning the White House for 4 more years.

Many of you had said that “a vote for Romney is a vote for Obama because they both believe the same thing.” I had disproven that as well because we had all seen how Obama hates America in many ways, more recently with the executive orders he signed this past Wednesday tightening gun control. On the other hand, if you had heard Romney with an open mind then you would know that he loves America and would do all he could in order to make this the best country on the earth.But you would not see that through your rose-colored glasses. We lost the White House not because of WHO we ran or HOW we ran, but rather because we were not a solid unit. Now, because we were not a solid unit, you better be prepared to see all that the Founding Fathers fought, bled, and died for crumble and America as we know it go to hell in a handbag even faster. I told you this is exactly what would happen, but you were so bull-headed that you could not see an inch from your own face.

I know you had told me to go back to my blog because I know nothing. I also know that you had told a few conservative BlogTalk Radio show hosts to get off the air and you have bragged that you ran off a couple of others. Well, you had not run us off but rather we are bigger and better than ever before. In the immortal words of Katy Abram to Arlen Specter, you have awakened a sleeping giant. We WILL NOT be denied. You might have run us off of BlogTalk Radio but you have NOT silenced us. We own the narrative because it is not just a fancy saying or something that can be turned off like a light switch. Rather, it is a way of life, something that is in us every second of our lives, and we are determined to make your lives a living hell the only way we know how. You might think that you have silenced us, but instead you have made our drive to take back America that much more in the fore. We are bound and determined to own and control the narrative. Whatever narrative we do not have, we will do all we can to take the narrative away from the liberals and also you haters. You are no better than the liberals. In fact, and I speak for myself on this, you are ALL liberals in my eyes!


Richard P. (Rick) Bulow

A REAL American fighting for what’s right

I do not know about you, but the haters and douchenozzles had only given me more incentive to got to #WAR and ensure that I can do all I can to save this nation in 2014 and beyond. While the past is behind us, I will do all I can to learn from it and move ahead so as not to let the past repeat itself.

Rundown for January 19, 2013

Join Rick Bulow and Billie Cotter (Host of Ballistic with Billie Cotter every Thursday at 11 PM Eastern on Own The Narrative) as they go through the week in news. This week Barack Obama had signed 23 Executive Orders on Gun Control. What are they? What does this mean for America? Also this week the lovely and talented Dana Loesch was on with Piers Morgan. Did Piers get flustered again or did he get the better of Dana? Did Piers actually say he will beat Bill O’Reilly in the ratings? All that and more, including your phone calls and the ever popular Schmuck of the Week, on today’s show.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

An Apology to the Founding Fathers


My friend Laurin Moreno had written something on December 15, 2012, which really put things in perspective nowadays.

Dear Founding Fathers:
I’m sorry that after all we have been through as a nation that we cannot see when something is wrong under our very eyes.
I’m sorry that we have become so dependent on government instead of on ourselves.
I’m sorry that we care more for our enemies overseas than we do our allies.
I’m sorry that in times of tragedy that people will use their political beliefs to get their agendas across.
I’m sorry that we have been so arrogant as a Nation, thinking that nothing or no one will harm us.
I’m sorry that we are electing people to Office without vetting them.
I’m sorry that we have come to a point where free speech is considered a hate crime.
I’m sorry for those who think we are on the right track when we are coming so close to falling off a cliff, financially, economically, and morally.
I’m sorry that good is being called evil and that evil is being called good.
I’m sorry that people who live today do not realize the struggles you all went through to get yourselves from under the thumb of the British and make America what it is today.
I’m sorry that we have become a nation where we can sit back and watch someone die without even trying to help them.
I’m sorry that we are fast becoming the government from which you fought so hard to break away.
I’m sorry that we have a president who has been spitting on the Constitution ever since…ever since before he got into Office and after. In his opinion, the Constitution is flawed.
I’m sorry that after such tragedies like Fort Hood, Operation Fast and Furious, the oil spill in Florida, the theater shooting in Colorado, the death of Team SEAL Six, Benghazi, and just recently the shooting in an elementary school in Connecticut, that people still can’t see our President as someone who is only looking out for himself.
I’m sorry that we elected a president whose background includes: growing up around those who worshiped terrorism, racism, socialism, communism, Marxism, and Saul Alinsky. Add to that the fact that anyone who knew the president for what he really is and who tried to come forward and warn U.S. citizens, especially when he was running for President the first time, have been killed, or have disappeared.
I’m sorry we have a president who apologizes to other countries for America being America.
I’m sorry we have a president who supplies our enemies with OUR weapons.
I’m sorry we have a president who gets our men and women in uniform killed because he keeps bowing to our enemies and making their missions much more dangerous with ridiculous Rules of Engagement.
I’m sorry we have a president, a Senate, and a House of Representatives who continue to dig our country even deeper into debt while imposing disastrous regulations on small businesses while catering to big businesses, forcing banks to make "bad loans" in order to be ALLOWED to expand and in the process killing American jobs.
I’m sorry that we try to see the good in people—especially our elected officials-- when, day after day, year after year, they continue to intentionally hurt America and its people emotionally and physically.
I’m sorry that ignorance, stupidity, and gullibility is the new norm.
I’m sorry that the murdering of the unborn is just all right, when in the Declaration of Independence it clearly states that people have the right to LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
I’m sorry that even America’s most patriotic people can’t even see the evil that pervades most of our elected officials, especially our current president who is the most evil, anti-America president that we have ever had.
I’m sorry that U.S. citizens take their rights-something that most countries do not have—for granted.
I’m sorry that, instead of telling people of certain religions and ethnic backgrounds to integrate, we have to treat them like they are someone special.
I’m sorry that hardworking, law-abiding citizens are having everything taken from them by those who do the opposite.
Most of all, I’m sorry that everything you all have fought and died for is being thrown away, daily. If all of you were here right now, you would probably look at us in disgust and think, ”If we knew America was going to be like this, we would not have ever broken away from Britain.”


No truer words have been spoken. She had summed up in 739 words what many have tried to say in in the past 20 years. America is suffering, and the Founders are probably spinning in their graves seeing the once beautiful country that they bled and died for being turned into the despotic cesspool that it is now, no thanks to Obama and his cronies. We need to do all that we can to take this country back. Everyone should ask themselves one question which I had spoken of in my editorial last week: Will you give up, or will you fight on?

Rundown for January 12, 2013

Join Rick Bulow and Billie Cotter (Host of Ballistic every Thursday at 11 PM on Own The Narrative) as they go through the week in news. This week was not a good one for CNN and Piers Morgan in particular. First it was Alex Jones of Infowars, then former Marine Joshua Boston, and finally Ben Shapiro of Breitbart that got the better of Morgan. Boston had then gotten the better of CNN Anchorette Randi Kaye on gun control. Also, a new Twitter hashtag had come to light to try to make the Twitter Gulag a thing of the past. All that and also your phone calls. This week will also feature the return of the ever popular Schmuck of the Week.

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Time to give up or time to fight on?

Last night the House voted to pass the Fiscal Cliff deal, thereby slapping the American People in the face. In fact, Speaker John Boehner (Republican from Ohio’s 8th Congressional District) voted for the deal (thereby proving that he deserved the title of Schmuck of the Week on Red, Right, and Blue for December 8, 2012) as well as Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (Republican from Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District) while House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (Republican from Virginia's 7th congressional district) and House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (Republican from California's 22nd congressional district) voted against the deal, thereby dividing the House Leadership and also possibly firing Boehner as Speaker.

This whole fiscal cliff debacle reminds me of the most recent issue of the Imprimis newsletter from Hillsdale College. In it Dr. Larry Arnn, President of Hillsdale, had posted his interview on the Hugh Hewitt show from November 7. There was a very interesting dialogue at the beginning of the newsletter in which Hewitt had mentioned that “there are a lot of people who are close to saying “game over,” who are tempted now to retreat from politics—to go do missionary
work, for instance—and give up on the republic. But you have made your life’s work the studying of leaders who have refused to do that.” Dr. Arnn’s answer is one in which many people should read many times and commit it to memory.

That’s right. And the reason you can’t do that, by the way—the reason you can’t retreat into private life and give up on politics—is that the cost of doing it is overwhelming. If you don’t live under good laws, life becomes truncated and less happy, injustice becomes customary, civilization is compromised. And one
cannot acquiesce in that. One has to be involved. And since politics is natural to us—man is essentially political, as Aristotle says—and since we do live in the greatest modern country—founded that way at least—we owe it a lot. And many of the people who have seen the republic
through to where we are today have gone through things that are worse than this. So first of all, it’s a duty not to give up. But second, there are good reasons to
know that the game isn’t over.

When pressed by Hugh what he meant, Dr. Arnn went on to say,

One of them is that the election is shot through with contradictions. The obvious contradiction is that we have a divided government. The presidency and the Senate are in the hands of one party, and the House of Representatives and most governorships are in the hands of the other. A second contradiction is that a large majority of people continued to say in the exit polls that they were against raising taxes in order to cut the deficit.
One might be cynical and put that down to an irresponsible refusal to pay for existing benefits—to get more and more “free stuff.” But for a long time now, opinion polls have pointed towards the existence of a broad majority of Americans who favor smaller government. This obviously contradicts the re-election of the president and the Democratic gains in the Senate. The
country is still a house divided against itself, and that’s dangerous. But it doesn’t mean that there’s been a resolution. It means in fact the opposite: there is not a
resolution. That resolution still has to be made, and the making of it lies ahead of us, and not behind us.

Dr. Arnn went on to say that Reagan and Churchill were “two statesmen that regarded the Soviet Union as weak, even at the height of its power, because it was built on self-contradictory propositions and its system led to obvious and repeated injustices.”

You can read the entire interview here and also subscribe to Imprimis for free here. I strongly recommend subscribing to Imprimis as it brings the best and brightest from well-known politicians, columnists, and radio hosts like Thomas Sowell, Mark Steyn, John Bolton, Margaret Thatcher, Mark Helperin, and others. The main question here is, “will you give up, or will you fight on?”

Rundown for January 5, 2013


Join Rick Bulow and Billie Cotter (Host of “Ballistic with Billie Cotter” every Thursday at 10 PM Eastern on Own The Narrative) as they bring you the week in news. It is a new year, and Rick and Billie are in spatial new digs.  The 113th Congress is gaveled in session, and it was not without drama. What happened? Who is Speaker? Did Biden make a fool of himself? Tune in to find out. Also, the Fiscal Cliff was approaching. Did we go over it? Who vote for the Fiscal Cliff relief? All this and more, including your calls and the ever popular Schmuck of the Week, coming up on the show. Also, there might be a call in the future from the one who inspired Rick to go into radio.

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Red, Right, and Blue is moving!

That is right ladies and gentlemen. Red, Right, and Blue is moving. Not the blog, but the show itself. Due to changes far beyond my control, I am no longer on Conservative Nation Radio. I do wish them all the best in what they do in the future, as regardless we are all fighting the same goal, but in different mannerisms and tactics.

Beginning this Saturday, you will find Red, Right, and Blue at the same time (1:30 PM Eastern, 12:30 PM Central) but the show will be on Own The Narrative. Granted, I had been on OTN in the past, but they were kind enough to simulcast my show when I was on CNR. This time, the show will not be simulcast but rather on there full time. That means no simulcast, all me. I will let my hair (or rather, whatever hair I have) down and roam the way I want to, the way those of you who are long time listeners to my show are familiar with.

You can engage the conversation with me during the show by Skype. This time, instead of hitting the Skype button you can actually use Skype. Just send OTNNetwork (all one word) a contact request and then when the request is accepted, go to your contact list and press OTNNetwork. You can also use your phone to call in as well. The number is 832-699-0449. You can also use Twitter as per usual. Just use the hashtag #RedRightBlue. You can also use the hashtag #OTNN as well.

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