Saturday, August 18, 2012

Paul Ryan is a perfect pick by Mitt Romney

I would like to start this editorial by playing this video from Afterburner with Bill Whittle entitled “A Great Way to Win and Lose”:


Whittle hit it on the head. Mitt Romney had made the PERFECT decision in selecting Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential pick. Paul Ryan is young and smart, two things which liberals do not like. This pick also scares liberals because this race will focus on the main issues of jobs and the economy and not the shiny objects. Also, as Ryan had said during one of his speeches, “We want this debate about Medicare. we NEED this debate about Medicare.” Ryan is exciting and has done what Obama and the Democrats had not done in 3 years: produce a budget.  In picking Ryan, Romney has galvanized the Conservatives and made this race exciting. Now it is our turn to do what all we can do in order to make Obama a one-term president.

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