Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rundown for September 22, 2012

Join Rick Bulow and special Co-Host Billie Cotter (Host of NoBamanation every Thursday at 8 PM Eastern, 7 PM Central, here on Conservative Nation Radio) as they go through the week in news. This week, Obama’s post-Convention bump is gone. What does that mean for the election ahead? Also, how does Romney’s 2012 presidential run compare to when he ran for Governor of Massachusetts in 2002? We will show you. And Rick will also roll out a new feature which is caller-driven. That and more including your phone calls.

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Obama Voters

Take a listen to this video from 2010

Parasite #1

Yes, this is a typical Obama voter who just wants things handed to her thanks to Obama, and if you do not like it then you are a racist. THIS is the mindset of many people who we are going up against come November. Also, there is this beaut as well which was taken from the Rush Limbaugh show a couple of years ago:

Parasite #2

and of course who could forget about this from before the 2008 election:

Parasite #3

These are typical of many of the mooches and leeches and parasites that are plaguing America thanks to the policies of Barack Obama. We have 46 days to show many people what 47% of Americans (if not more) believe in. As Newt Gingrich had said during the primaries, Obama is the Food Stamp President. Obama is looking to give a handout and not a way to give people support to stand on their own two feet. His economic policies have driven America to the brink of another depression.

Bottom line is if you are looking for a handout, vote for Obama. If you are looking for a hand up to get you on your own two feet and move ahead, vote for Romney. The future of America depends on it.