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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Rundown for July 28, 2012

On today’s show Rick Bulow welcomes Becca Lower, formerly of Soldiers of Patriotism on Conservative Nation Radio, as his Guest Co-Host. Becca will be filling for Tricia Baber who is taking a leave of absence. They will be speaking with Katrina Rice (aka @Veribatim) about Mitt Romney’s overseas trip and also the happenings in Syria. The topic of the U.N. Arms Treaty will also be brought up. Also, closer to home Jeb Bush and Rudy Giuliani had spoken out in support of Marco Rubio as Romney’s running mate. Who else is on the short list according to one person?

All this and more on Red, Right, and Blue today at 1:30 PM Eastern. The chatroom at will be open 30 minutes before the show if you want to come in and join the preshow chatter. The call-in line is 718-305-7176 and the line will be open 15 minutes before the show. If you are going to call in using Skype the Skype button will pop up when the show starts. Just click the Skype button (which appears next to the phone number at the top of the page) and follow the instructions to come on the air. And for those of you on Twitter listening in, you can interact with us there as well! Just use the hashtag #RedRightBlue.

Tell your friends, tell your neighbors. Hell, Tell your enemies. Come join the fun and spontaneity that is Red, Right, and Blue.