Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Rundown for August 4, 2012

Join Rick Bulow and Becca Lower on the show today as they bring the news of the week from a common citizen’s point of view. This week there was a plethora of items in the news up for discussion. Chick-Fil-A was in the news on two separate occasions, first for the Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day held on August 1 and the aftermath (like the firing of a business executive after he harassed a Chick-Fil-A employee which went to YouTube and many took it viral) and then the Gay and Lesbian Kiss-In on August 3. Plus, the July Jobs Report came out yesterday and it does not look good for the Democrats or Obama’s chances come November. Also today is Barack Obama’s Birthdate so you can be sure that Rick will have a lot to say about that.

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We are at the Two Minute Warning in America now

Let me start by playing a short two minute video which was played earlier in the year

This video by Clint Eastwood (shown during the Super Bowl in February) makes a statement that it is halftime in America. Now I will take it one step further and say that right now we are at the two minute warning in America. The Republican and Democrat Conventions (coming up the last week in August and the first week in September respectively) are what I will consider for all intents and purposes as the two minute warning, with the mid-term elections being halftime. The breakdown I have is as follows:

  • First quarter – the inauguration of the Congress and then the President
  • Halftime – the Mid-Term elections and the inauguration of the subsequent Congress
  • Two minute warning – the Conventions
  • End of game – the election until the inauguration of the Congress

At halftime we had changed the course of the Congress when we won the House of Representatives in 2010. Granted we failed to get the Senate, but at least we put the stop to the total overhaul of the country into overt Socialism. We need to keep that edge up until November and beyond. We need to reclaim the Senate and get rid of Obama.

Right now the Democrats appear to be playing a prevent defense. For those of you who do not follow football, a prevent defense is usually done to prevent the opposing team from completing a long pass in order to win the game. So in a sense they are giving the opposing team the short play and also prevent them from getting to the sidelines so they can keep the clock going. Obama, Reid, and Pelosi are throwing all of these minor issues out there (abortion, gay marriage, Mitt Romney’s tax returns, Occupy Wall Street, Romney’s gaffes, etc.) out there as a way to deflect from the main issue of jobs and the economy. They are our form of the short passes for now as a way of throwing the Democrats off target and then when November 6 comes around, they will not know what hit them when they lose because they hang their hats on all of their main issues.

As famous NFL analyst John Madden once said, "All a prevent defense does is prevent you from winning." I will go on record now and say that all the minor issues the Democrats throw out there will prevent them from winning in November. May each and every one of us keep the eyes on the target of the White House and Congress in November and take it back with the ammo of jobs and the economy.