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Saturday, May 19, 2012

The rundown for May 19, 2012

On the show today, I will be having Byron Donalds on the show, Byron is running for the 19th Congressional District (formerly the 14th congressional district which is my own district and which was represented by Connie Mack IV, who is leaving the District seat to run for the Senate seat against “Wild” Bill Nelson) and will be on the air from 1:30 – 2:15 PM Eastern. The first 30 minutes we will be talking about his campaign and then at 2 PM Keith Flaugh, Director of GOOOH for Southwest Florida, will be calling in and for the final 15 minutes of Byron’s time we will be discussing the process Byron has gone through in order to be the nominee. Then we will continue the GOOOH discussion about how it came about and also what the plan is for the future. As today is also Armed Forces Day I will be thanking the Armed Forces in my own unique way.

All this and more will be discussed on Red, Right, and Blue at 1:30 PM Eastern. The chatroom at will be open 30 minutes beforehand. ALSO, the show will be simulcast on Own The Narrative as well. The phone number is 718-305-7176 and you can also Skype in as soon as the show starts. The Skype button will appear next to the phone number at the top of the show page. Be sure to come and join us for the fun and frivolity that is Red, Right, and Blue.