Saturday, December 15, 2012

My thoughts on the horrific shooting in Connecticut

Words cannot describe the feelings and emotions I am going through right now over this shooting. Luckily there have been others like Robert Stacy McCain and Becca Lower for their wonderful pieces (which I will link to toward the end of this entry) on this situation. One thing I have to say -- and I had said it after the shooting in Aurora, Colorado, earlier this year and after other shootings -- is that guns don’t kill people; gun LAWS kill people. This can be seen in other parts of the world where strict gun laws were in effect throughout history, notably in Cambodia under Pol Pot, Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler, Russia (the old Soviet Union) under Stalin, and other places. Strict gun laws, where the government says that citizens cannot have firearms, lead to the government taking over every aspect of the citizens’ lives to the point that it becomes a totalitarian society.

And regardless of what we all think of Obama’s policies, I think he spoke right from the heart when he addressed the nation at 3:15 PM Eastern. In my mind, this was ALMOST like his speech after the Aurora shooting earlier this year and also the heinous shooting in Arizona which took the lives of 6 people and severely wounded then-Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-Arizona) where he spoke truly from the heart. Do I believe him? Mayhap not, but then too now is not the time for politics but rather for prayers and healing. If he were to speak this way all the time, then who knows? After all, there is a saying I hear often (do not know how it originated) which goes “A broken clock is right twice a day.”  Mayhap this is the time in which Obama got it right. Now tomorrow he might say something which might make me despise his policies as normal, but today he spoke not as a President but rather as a father.



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