Thursday, August 16, 2012

Do the Math

Guest blog by Becca Lower

So as to not to overdo things, I'll have another blog on the Rep. Paul Ryan event tomorrow. Or tonight, if there's more insomnia like last night-- it's not every day that you shake the hand of the future VP.

The “math” poster, which R. Stacy McCain mentioned and pictured in his blog today, was the brain-child of David Burge (Twitter: @iowahawkblog; url: I first heard of it earlier this week, when Breitbart News' Larry O'Connor saw it in his Twitter timeline during a commercial break. He nabbed a fill-in gig, all this week, for Chris Stigall on a huge, Philadelphia AM station. (You can also hear him on certain Saturdays on DC's WMAL; follow @larryoconnor for details.) A quick scan of Twitter and I found the image, too.

Yesterday, on my way to Oxford (home of Miami of Ohio), I was kicking myself that I hadn't brought anything better for Rep. Paul Ryan to sign than a clipping from that morning's Cincinnati Enquirer. Then it hit me. Since our local library is in the same system as Oxford's, I could pop into that branch with my library card and print the “math” image off my email.

After Ryan's speech, I braved the scrum for handshakes, photos and autographs. It wasn't a polite rope line like you'd see at a typical, GOP event (a Lincoln-Reagan dinner, for example). No, this was more like the stage being rushed at a rock concert. Ryan's a rock star, even in the level-headed Midwest. We think fiscal sanity is sexy.

Ryan had a black, permanent marker already, so shoving the picture at him was all I needed to do to get an autograph. It was unclear from his expression if he looked at the poster at all, but others in the throng liked it. After a couple seconds, I realized that he hadn't moved far along the way. (He's stopped for a photo.) So I reached out my hand, and he shook it. I wished him good luck. He said thank you.

The story behind meeting up with blogger extraordinaire Stacy McCain and his irascible thirteen year old, Jefferson (and others), will have to wait. But here's proof that McCain is on the right side of the Force.

The trifecta of Cincinnati culture, all in one night: conservative politics, Reds baseball (Mike Leake on the tv in the background, throwing a complete game) and Skyline chili.

Robert Stacy McCain and me

 more photos tomorrow...
Update: H/T to J.d. Bryden for the info about IowaHawk.

UPDATE: Read more of this story here. And also, thanks to the very generous R. Stacy McCain for the mention.