Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rundown for July 27, 2013

Join Rick Bulow and Billie Cotter as they give the week in news. Today is mostly going to be Open Phones due to the fact that Rick has his High School Reunion today. However, here ARE a couple of topics up on the plate for today as well. Governor Chris Christie (Republican from New Jersey) calls Senator Rand Paul (Republican from Kentucky)dangerous. Why did he do that? And the HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebellius is recruiting Bloggers to help sell ObamaCare. Why did she do that? What will come out of it? Those questions and more including YOUR CALLS will be coming up on Red, Right, and Blue today

Come join us today for Red, Right, and Blue now at a SPECIAL TIME of 12 noon or 12:30 PM Eastern (11 or 11:30 AM Central) today. The chatroom (which is located at will be open no earlier than 11:30 AM Eastern (10:30 AM Central) for me to do a little last minute show prep and do a meet and greet with those who show up early. If you want to engage the conversation during the show, there are three ways to do so:

Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Hell, tell a liberal. The show might be early today, due to me attending my 20 year high school reunion, but it is always bound to be a blastyhoot (h/t to Bailey Connell [“Bail of Rights”] for that word) so come join us!

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