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Saturday, August 24, 2013

American Exceptionalism (Part 7)

Podhoretz wraps up his speech on American Exceptionalism with a very exceptional challenge to us

In spite of all this, the liberal community seems to think that the rest of the world would be better off without the United States, or at least with it following the policy of “leading from behind.” Admittedly there are paleoconservatives like Pat Buchanan and libertarians like Ron Paul who agree on this point, but most conservatives do not believe that a radical diminution of American power and influence would be good for us or for the world.

Shortly before the election of 2008, then-candidate Obama declared that his election would usher in “a fundamental transformation of America.” The desirability of such a transformation—which would entail the wiping away of as many more traces of American exceptionalism as it will take to turn this country into a facsimile of the social-democratic regimes of western Europe—is the issue at the heart of our politics today. And in the long run, I hope and trust, Americans will reject such a transformation, and elect instead to return to the principles that have made this nation so exceptional—yes, exceptional—a force for good both at home and abroad.

As we had seen in the 2008 election, and again in the 2012 election, Obama is all about the fundamental transformation of America and rooting out those things which made America exceptional. As Norman Podhoretz wrote this in October, he was no doubt warning us not to vote for Obama during the November elections, but the dumbass, dumb masses (as Neal Boortz calls the low-information or no-information voters who do not give a rip about politics) decided to vote Obama for a second term because they wanted their “FREE STUFF” and if Romney were elected, then he would cut that out. We have one more chance in 2014 to elect those who will look after the will of WE THE PEOPLE and not WE THE MOOCHER. Otherwise we will be heading back into slavery (the last step in the Tytler Circle) and we will be living in the same conditions we have seen in Atlas Shrugged and during the Great Depression.

If you want to go back and read the article as a whole, you can find it on the Imprimis Archive site. Just look for the October 2012 issue. I might read more Imprimis articles as an editorial series in the future. For now, I will end with this. What will YOU do to keep America exceptionalism foremost? What will YOU do to make America the greatest country on earth?

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